Stellar Performance 101

6In this course you will learn the foundations of astrology. We also show you how astrology overlaps with other personality assessments like MBTI and True Colors, and we show you how you can use astrology in your business.

Ambition, Motivation & Engagement

3Mars is the action planet. It describes our drive and what motivates us. It also shows how we achieve in life and what pushes us into action. In this workshop your ambition, motivation and engagement are explored.

Communicate Like a Star

5 In this course the manner in which you communicate is explored. Communication is vital for conveying and understanding information. Our Mercury sign also describes how we learn, how we make ourselves understood, and lays the framework for how we make decisions. If we have trouble learning, making ourselves understood, or making decisions, it can affect our relationships, our ability to make money, and our ability to succeed.

Raising Your EQ Using Your Moon Sign

1In this workshop you will learn about your emotions. The Moon represents this part of you. It’s how you instinctively respond to both your environment and to individual situations. Raising your emotional intelligence starts with knowing and understanding your emotions, then meeting your emotional needs and mastering your emotional responses. Knowing how to meet other’s emotional needs are key to good relationships, and being a successful leader.

Stellar Leadership

4Learn how to identify your wounds and unconscious patterns and how to turn them into gifts, wisdom, and power. In this workshop we explore what your limiting beliefs are and how they were formed using Saturn and Chiron. Understanding and changing the story around our limiting beliefs is one of the keys to mastery in our lives. This is because our limiting beliefs impact our emotions and communication. It also affects our ability to attract what we want make our way in the world and it influence others.

The Law of Your Attraction

2In this course, how and what you attract is explored. Venus’ sign describes both our attractions and how we attract. Venus is a feminine energy and as such it draws things such as love and money to us through the law of attraction. When we are out of balance with attraction, the sign Venus is in also shows how we repel. If you have used the law of attraction or the Secret to attract more love and money into your life only to be told you were doing it wrong when nothing manifested, this is the course for you.

Exploring the Natal Chart through Archetype

Understanding the Natal chart is complicated! We make it easier! You don't need to know the planets, stars, and aspects. In this workshop, we cast your Natal Chart using the Archetypes that stand out in your life. We verify the archetypes with your natal chart, then build your personal story through the houses, which represents each area of your life.

Deeping your understanding of yourself through your natal chart and the archetypes that are represented in will help to deepen self-knowledge. You can also revisit your chart to help you work through challenging times.

This is a 4-week workshop. Each week will build on the next.

Harnessing the Creativity of your Fertile Moon

What is your moon phase? What does it look like? How can you use your phasal return to harness creativity? For years the phasal return has been used to chart fertility and is said the be a time in the month when a woman can get pregnant, whether it's in line with your ovulation cycle or not.

We take this fertile time a step further. We explore what it is, when it happens for you, and how you can use it in other creative ways!